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new Strong Eyelash Extension Glue - Forabeli 5ml / 2-3 Sec Drying time/Retention – 6 Weeks/Maximum Bonding Power/Black Adhesive for Semi-Permanent Extensions/Beginner Lash Glue/Professional Lash Supplies

That Wanaka Tree, New Zealand by Laura Smetsers
Product Details
Beginner and Intermediate - Ideal for both beginners and pros. It gives you plenty of time to apply eyelash extensions smoothly. If you're creative, it's forgiving and lets you work without worry. Pros love it too for smooth applications. No rushing needed – get fabulous, long-lasting lashes with Forabeli Strong eyelash adhesive.
Volume and Classic Lashes - Achieve effortlessly stunning lashes with our premium eyelash extension adhesive. Designed for 2D, 3D, and 4D lash fans, its thin viscosity guarantees an intimate look. Enjoy easy application and a long-lasting hold for eyes that captivate.
Extra strength formula - This Forabeli Strong lash extension adhesive is your go-to for fast, long-lasting lash extensions. It dries super quick in 2-3 seconds and sticks around for up to 6 weeks if you apply it right and take good care. Plus, it's a classic black color for a timeless look. Forabeli Strong – easy, quick, and beautiful lashes in a snap.
Easy to Use - Easily enhance your lashes with our user-friendly lash extension glue. The thin consistency ensures easy and precise application, while the moderate fume level guarantees comfort. Water and sweat-resistant for a long-lasting hold. Elevate your lash game with a formula designed for both performance and comfort.
Secure and Lasting- Designed to last 13 months when sealed and 2 months after opening. Made for professionals, this adhesive ensures strong and beautiful lash extensions. Boost your skills and confidence with this reliable product.
Product Ranking
#426 in False Eyelash Adhesives
#116656 in Beauty & Personal Care
Product Description
This product is meant for pros, not for putting on your own eyes; doing so might make your eyes burn or get irritated. Forabeli Strong lash glue, made for beginners. In the package, you'll find Forabeli Strong eyelash glue (5ml), a Glue Pallet, Pin, and Silica gel. Suitable for beginners and professional lash technicians. The glue is black, dries in 2-3 seconds, and stays on for up to 6 weeks. Expiry date: 6 months before opening or 2 months after. How to use: Make sure lashes are clean. Explain the process to the customer. When ready, put some glue on single or volume lashes. Storing: Close the cap tight, keep it in the aluminum pack with silica gel, and zip it. Don't expose it to heat, humidity, or sunlight. If from the fridge, wait 20 mins before using to prevent dew. Be careful: Keep eyes closed until the glue dries to avoid fumes. Don't touch your skin or eyes. If skin issues happen, see a doctor. Your eyes might feel funny during the process, but it'll go away when the glue is dry.
Product Specifications
CategoryBeauty & Personal Care
SubcategoryFalse Eyelashes & Adhesives
LeafcategoryBISS Basic